Donations for Ukraine

25th Mar 2022
Donations for Ukraine.
In partnership with our High Street neighbours, Labas Food Store, we are accepting dontations of products from the list below, to be be transported to Ukraine.
These can be bought in to the shop during our normal opening hours between 9am and 5pm.

Medical Supplies
Women’s sanitary products/First Aid products/Anti Diarrhoea tablets/ Paracetamol/Savlon/Sudacrem/Small scissors/Small first aid bags

For Children
Baby Food and Formula Milk/Nappies (all sizes) Babies feed bottles

Hygiene Products
Soap Bars/Flannels/Hand Gel/Toothpaste/Toothbrushes/Disposable Shavers/Cotton Swabs/Talc

Food Products
Non-Perishable Foods (tins etc)/Tea/Coffee/Sweets/Granola Bars/Dried Fruit/Nuts/Small Juice & squash boxes/UHT Drinks/Energy Bars/Disposable Cutlery/Plates/Cups

Torches/Batteries/Thermal mugs/Flasks/Sleeping Bags

Clothes/ Items in glass containers/ Aerosols/Prescription drugs/

 Thank You