Sony Portable Wireless BLUETOOTH Speaker

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This portable, waterproof speaker from Sony provides the ultimate music experience. It has great features to boost your music and create a party atmosphere wherever you are. So, simply slide the speaker into your bag, then share its white finish and stylish design with your loved ones.

The SRSXB21WCE7 is also available in two other colours:

  • Sony Speaker in Black – SRSXB21BCE7
  • Sony Speaker in Blue – SRSXB21LCE7
Party Sound at Your Fingertips

This Sony portable speaker has your party favourites covered with these sound-enhancing features:

  • EXTRA BASS™: Enhances every beat and gives your music choices an extra boost.
  • LIVE SOUND mode: Works with the specially-designed speakers to provide a three-dimensional experience.
  • New DSP technology: Sends your music to a wider area, creating festival vibes on the spot.
  • Made with Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC): This drives the power directly into the air. It makes the speaker cone lightweight and rigid, controlling sound efficiently without compromising sound quality.
Compact, Intelligent Design

The SRSXB21WCE7 fits into your bag easily and can travel anywhere – even in the bottle-holder of your bike. Take the party with you in double, 42 mm speakers to get powerful sound and bass.

Its new, fabric design is tough as well as stylish. Plus, with an IP67 rating, this model is uniquely rustproof, as well as waterproof and dustproof. So take your speaker with you on your adventures, whether it’s to the beach, forest or city. The SRSXB21WCE7 will just keep on playing. Even dropping it in water isn’t a problem. And don’t worry about dirt – due to the exclusive, Japanese fabric, washing the speaker is also possible.

Sensational Features

This Sony model is packed with exciting features to lift your music or party experience. Try out Sound Booster by tapping your speaker in different places to make sounds like scratches, snares, kick drums and cowbells. Volume can even be controlled with various force, by tapping it gently or giving it a harder hit.

Share with others when you’re enjoying your music. Connect up to 100 wireless speakers through Bluetooth and Wireless Party Chain, syncing the same song, music and lights so everyone dances together. And, put on the new line party lights which flash in time with your best tunes, to add something special.

The connection options don’t end there. This speaker’s Bluetooth and NFC connectivity lets you stream playlists, with a maximum communication range of 10 metres. What’s more, you don’t need to rely on a device to operate your Sony SRSXB21WCE7, due to its easy button control.

Make use of the Sony Music Centre app to control the party from the dancefloor. You can cue the next song, select your favourite playlists and even change lighting patterns and sound modes.

This Sony portable speaker helps you take the party with you and make it last all night. With a 12-hour battery life, make the SRSXB21WCE7 your first choice and buy one today.


Speaker Type Full Range
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz(44.1 kHz sampling)
NFC Yes, Type-A
  • Stereo Mini Jack (IN)
  • Micro USB
Battery Life Approx. 12 hours
Charge Time Approx. 4 hours
Micro USB Charge Yes